How we collect personal information

It is voluntary to leave personal information to us via the website. When you create an account you give us personal information. No data is published unless you enter it. You can always remove any data you have entered by contacting us.

How we collect and use non-personally identifiable information

From the statistics we are not able to see which individuals visit the site. We store data in the tool Google Analytics, which is owned by Google. As part of this, we collect the IP addresses of our visitors. The data that is stored by Google provide information about visitors operating systems, browsers and other technical details. We use this information to make the site better and do not sell it to third parties.


Cookies are used to keep you logged in to the site. It is also used to measure the traffic on this website and for statistical purposes.

On the HTTP Cookie Wikipedia page you can about what cookies are and on you can read what the EU cookie law says. On there are instructions on how to remove cookies from your computer.

When you log in to the site we set a cookie to keep you logged in. We also use cookies to measure statistics. No personal information is stored in the cookies.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.