Trans people: Review your health care experiences!

We, Mina and Björn, want to make it easier for trans people to find good and avoid bad health care. Therefore we are in the early stages of creating an app that makes it easier to find trans competent health care. We want good treatments for all kinds of health issues – trans related ones as well as common ailments like the flu and cancer.

We want your help

We believe that your experiences are helpful for other trans people who are looking for health care.

Therefore we invite reviews from all non-cis people. We are looking for reviews of doctors, nurses, therapists and other health care providers. We are interested in all types of health care – not just trans specific issues but equally much about flu vaccines, broken bones and such :)

Data protection and privacy

How we handle your data.


Contact details for us.


Review a visit that you remember well. If you want to review several clinics/practitioners you can answer the questionaire several times.

All questions are volontary.