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Best doctor I've ever met.
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Non-binary; Bisexual

Reason for the visit: The main doctor for my gender dysphoria

Sep 2016 – I can't give her any bad review at all. She asked what my gender was, and my pronouns, and said "okey", and after that only referred to what I said to others in all the journal entries I can find. She realized that speed is of importance, and made that happen. She could have made the process slower and it would have been you know, reasonable, but she hurried it up.
She respects me greatly, and never doubted me for a second. Thanks by her, I began hormone treatment 8 months after my first meeting with a psychologist at the clinic, and mastektomy after 16.
She believes the care system om transgender people needs to change, and when you're with her you really notices she wants all good things in the world to happen to you. Best doctor I've ever met.

The doctor was great, but it is an old system in change we're taking part of right now, so some of the question the psychologist asked we're weird and irrelevant, although she apologized and didn't quite believe in them herself.
10 minutes in I had to tell her details of my childhood sexual trauma, and she wanted to know the gender of my friends, what kind of toys I played with as a child, what gender I have in my daydreams (what?) and so on. But, she didn't seem to believe in them and although I felt offended, it was a safe environment to be offended in.

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